Countdown to the End of the Season

With crawfish season rapidly coming to a close, we hereby invite all you mudbug lovers to enjoy one last chance feast with some of the biggest and best crawdads in Texas, here at Willie’s Grill & Icehouse!

Willie’s is having our “Countdown to The End of the Season” promotion that will serve up some of the tastiest crawfish in Texas!

As it gets hotter, crawfish shells get thicker and harder to peel. Crawfish tail meat is available year round, but during the off-season it’s better fried or in dishes like etouffee. We only serve boiled crawfish during the time of year that we can get the best, live crawfish. Willie’s gets the largest hand-selected crawfish daily.

Here are 10 more fun facts about crawfish that you might not know.

  • Crawfish have inner gills that allow them to live out of water
  • Crawfish can drown
  • There are over 500 species of crawfish. Only two are harvested although over half of the different species live in North America
  • There is a cave dwelling species of Crawfish that are colorless and have no eyes
  • There are no crawfish in Africa.
  • Louisiana is the first state to have an Official Crustacean and it is the crawfish
  • The eggs develop while attached to the swimming legs of the female.
  • Europeans consider them a delicacy.
  • A crawfish has four pair of walking legs and four pair of swimming legs.
  • Crawfish feed at night.

Now you can brag to your friends and be the know-it-all of crawfish when you sit down to your next crawfish boil. Hopefully that will be at one of our tables here at Willie’s!

Don’t miss out on the “Countdown to The End of the Season” at any of our Willie’s locations throughout our great state of Texas.

Happy “tails!”